Customized Learning Solutions


Maximize individual and collective potential

Leadership Development

In a climate of shifting customer needs, globalization, competition for human capital and unrelenting change, an organization’s continued growth and success depends on building leadership capacity and managerial excellence. Our customized learning solutions help shore up the strengths of current leaders and further develop the potential of the next generation. Some of our offerings include:

  • Managing Self to Leader Others: The Journey Inward
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Negotiation: The Art and Science of Building Powerful Coalitions
  • Social Style at Work
  • Dynamic Tension: Harnessing the Creative Power of Conflict
  • Leader as Coach
  • Power: The Fuel of Leadership

Managerial and Supervisory Excellence

As individual contributors develop their careers, many are promoted based on technical ability rather than competencies required for managerial excellence. Our customized learning solutions help managers make this transition, learn to balance the competing demands from above, below and side to side; as well as manage day-to-day operational effectiveness while thinking strategically about the future. Some of our professional development offerings include:

  • Becoming the Boss: Transitions from Individual Contributor to Supervisor
  • From Buddy to Boss: Managing Former Peers
  • Manager as Coach
  • Coaching for Excellence and Performance
  • Managing Your Career Development: Performance, Exposure, Reputation
  • Building Your Influence Network
  • Delegation: Manage More, Lead More, Do Less
  • Customer Service: Engaging Internal Customers to Serve Others

Diversity & Inclusion

In order to drive business results to the next level, leaders must create an inclusive climate that fully engages employees to exceed client expectations.  We help leaders, managers and individual contributors leverage diversity and inclusion best practices and develop their organization’s “next practices.” Our customized learning solutions include:

  • Inclusive Leadership: The Leader’s Call
  • Beyond Awareness: A Leader’s Path to Inclusion
  • Diversity Matters: A Manager’s Path to Inclusion
  • Unconscious Bias: Barriers to Being an Ethical Leader
  • Unconscious Bias: Decision Making and Inclusion
  • LGBTQA+ Inclusion at Work
  • Transgender Transitions
  • Generations at Work