Organizational Assessment


Measure and understand our organizational culture

Any significant organizational development process, customized learning solution or strategic change should begin with assessment – a snapshot of the status quo. An accurate understanding of the current culture, including strengths to draw on and barriers to address allows change agents to better design and implement strategic plans, enlist stakeholders, course correct, and measure results. We offer a broad range of assessment tools to support strategic change and learning efforts.  Some of our assessment approaches include:

  • Large scale focus groups (50+ people) allowing for a cost effective and dynamic way to gather input from large numbers of stakeholders
  • Smaller focus groups (10-15 people) to gather input from unique stakeholder groups
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Qualitative and quantitative surveys
  • Convenient yet private and/or confidential Podcast or Web Depots for stakeholders to share their thoughts and ideas