Marlon Monger, Ph. D.


Marlon Monger’s consulting and executive coaching has focused on assisting organizations become strategically aligned for success and supporting individuals harness their inner strengths in order to provide innovative leadership. Through an integrated intercultural perspective, Marlon has developed a flexible and empathic style that makes him highly effective in executive coaching engagements. Dr. Monger is skilled at establishing collaboration, preventing groupthink and mitigating resistance in his various change management and consulting projects.

Marlon emigrated from Costa Rica at age sixteen and began a life filled with experiences across multiple industries in various parts of the globe. He graduated with honors from NYU with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and French. He also studied in Paris at La Sorbonne Nouvelle. His graduate studies include training in clinical and organizational psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. He wrote an award winning doctoral dissertation titled “The Development of Intercultural Identities: An Untapped Resource for Global Business.” Marlon is fluent in English, Spanish, and French.